Gear drive VS Belt drive Concrete Grinders and Polishers
Apr 26, 2018


There are many ideas for which are the best ,Gear drive  or  Belt drive Concrete Grinders and Polishers.

Some people think that the belt drive concrete grinder  is the best, because if you hit something on the floor, such as bolts, or even worse, when you hit a cut or a gap on the edge of the concrete, the belt will break. This logic decomposes the machine, which means that you have to take the machine back to the workshop and remove it to replace the belt.

This is a big problem for repairng machine that may take several hours a day and some machines will not take place in the timetable for your work.

The gear drive floor grinder and polisher has its breaking point or weak point outside the flexible head ,  This means if you hit a bolt in the ground or worse the flex head will break if the impact is bad enough to break just need to take  20 minutes of repair. In fact, during sixteen years of improvement and improvement  we have never lost a gear drive machine to strike objects on the floor. 

Most of our gear drive concrete grinders never have internal gear failures, There have been belt machines that lost a belt right at the World of Concrete show after only a few hours of light use on a demo slab.

However, in a few 100 to 300 hours, the belt drive grinder and polishers  will break, maybe not, but it will break. Sometimes a few years later, the grinder will need to replace some ball bearings (this is the truth of the belt drive machine), but we have some models, never rebuilt, forever!!

The proof is really guaranteed to be provided with the machine, the belt drive grinder warranty does not include the belt (called the wear project), so the warranty is just the real frame, decoration and electrical system. Our all gear drive grinder and polishers have a 100% bumper to bumper warranty with twice the warranty hours of belt machines ,Can you fasten your belt in your truck gearbox? Just like a car, the breaking point should be rubbed against the road surface rather than the internal breaking point.

Now you should be very clear which one is better?