Siemens motor VS Siemens Beide motor
May 08, 2018

In the concrete grinder industry, many customers feel that the quality is good as soon as they hear that the machine produced by the supplier is a Siemens motor. However, this is not the case. It is very common for Chinese manufacturers to use Siemens beide cast iron motors.

Let us talk about the origin of Beide Motors. Beide Motors is a domestic brand acquired by Siemens. Its production standards are based on the standards of domestically produced motors. The main bearings are made of domestically-made shafts, not German imported bearings, and are cast iron motors. The heat dissipation performance of cast iron motors is poor, resulting in a short motor life.

If you choose concrete polishing machine with Siemens Cast Iron Bedd motors, it is not as good as you choose to make in China. Aluminum motor, because you may find that, long ago, the car engine used a cast iron engine, and now the good car engine uses a cast aluminum engine, because in the hundreds of years of testing, the cast aluminum engine performance, life The quality is still much higher than cast iron engines.

Otherwise, we recommend that you choose the floor grinder with German standard cast aluminum Siemens motor, so we always provide customers with domestic cast aluminum motor, or Germany standard Siemens motor.