The world's largest ride-on concrete grinder was born in Ronlon
Mar 22, 2018


Good news share with our customers,the word's largest ride-on concrete grinder was born in Ronlon.

Work area:1700mm


Inverter: 30HP

Voltage: 380V 3 Phase


Rotation 300-1750rpm

Weight :2000kg

QQ图片20180322152226.JPG3 heads concrete grinder RONLON.png


R-L1700 ride-on concrete grinder is a gear box and motor that is made of all aluminum alloy, two stage planetary gear box, three grinding head planetary grinding disc and buffering grinding head leveling device, aiming at large area construction machine. 

Equipped with high-power motor and frequency converter, it meets the construction requirements of large area concrete grinding and stone grinding. It can meet the needs of different construction processes, and can be used for polishing and surface treatment. 

The machine is equipped with the suction device at the same time to meet the construction demand of the dust free operation. The metal cutter head and grinding abrasive grinding various optional different sizes, 100 edge grinding to solve the construction problems to grinding edges greatly enhance the work efficiency, reduce the construction cost. 

R-L170 working face 1700mm motor 7.5hp*3 converter, 30HP vacuum cleaner, 7.5HP vacuum cleaner has full automatic function. Every filter element does not work in cleaning process. The filter area 120000cm. has automatic pressure function 30-200kg during grinding.