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RONLON Professional Floor Grinders
Aug 15, 2016

Year 2014. RONLON launched its first four heads planetary floor grinding machine, With 4 head grinder you get an up 30% more effective grinding and stripping and obviously a more level floor. use helical gears in an oil bath. This is the only planetary grinder on the market that uses thrust bearings, just like in the wheel of your car to reduce wear and give you a long working life span.


And the edge floor grinding machine from RONLON have improved a lot, totally replace angle grinder; 100% grind the edge, no any distance; The ergonomically design allows the worker stand straight behind the machine, reducing fatigue, backaches, job site injures.  The RONLON floor edge grinding machine is ideal for removing painting, epoxy, urethane, glues, polyurethane and mastics coatings with PCD.

With collapsible and light frame for easy taking along, your natural choice for edge grinding and small area work!


Until now Ronlon have received much praise from customers.

Professional !Benefit for you!