How to choose the right concrete grinder?
Apr 17, 2018

                                                 Concrete Polishing Machines Buying Tips

There are many customers always asked me how to choose the right concrete grinder for there job.

1, Depend your the area of your job-site,   Ask what kind of production rates can be expected with the equipment.

2, Please make clear what kind of floor you will make, super polishing concrete floor? Epoxy floor? or others? For super concrete floor, please choose the round planetary grinders.  they will give you good result. For roughing up concrete, square heads are much better.

3,For better and easy use ,choose grinding equipment that is universal, allowing you to interchange diamond tooling from other manufacturers.

4,Take the grinder for a test drive., how many space are left when grinding the corner? if there are any leaves behind visible lines or striping.

5,There are two type of gear box for grinder in the world . one is belt drive, the other is gear drive. The machines with gear drive are more stable and stronger. but if come with bad quality, oil leaking is big problem. for belt drive, the big problem is worn for belt . anyway which type you choose, please make sure with good quality.