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RONLON Ride-on Remote Control Concrete Grinder Work In Europe
Jun 06, 2017

The strong advantages of the Ronlon Remote control concrete polisher:

1)The Ride-on remote control floor grinder machines with gear driven and walking speed Can be operated by remote control, it is infinite variable speed .

2)The disc speed can be operated by remote control. The machines  turn left ,turn right can be operated by remote control.

3)The grinding plate and gear box are made of Aluminum-alloy with heavy-dυty Aluminum Alloy Motor which ensures light weight but strong power, it can greatly increase the work-efficiency of your projects

4)For our remote grinders, lt is Easy and Fast to change the abrasives with the New Multifunction support frame system. when diamond tools used up, one guy can change it. others need 2-3 people to finish this job

Please see the video from one of Ronlon's Customers from Europe!Gain the full recognition by the mass customers around the world.